Down the JavaScript Rabbit Hole


.map .filter .forEach .reduce & .this...

These are just a few of the things that have been swirling around in my mind the past few days. We started learning JS at TIY recently (today marked our second lecture on JS I think?). It is crazy the pace at which things have been progressing.

This is how things go:

Jake lectures on a topic for 3 hours or so... Well lecture might not be the best word to use to describe class. When I think of a lecture I think of a dude standing in front of a class room droning on and on about something no one wants to hear. Our classes are really dynamic and interactive. We watch Jake build something and listen to him explain in detail what is going on. Then after lecture we get our homework assignment. That's when the fun starts...

::Insert Evil Grin Here::

Usually our assignment is to build something based 100% around what we just learned. After watching Jake bang it out, it gives me a false sense that it's easy. It's only when I am staring at a blank screen that I realize this is not easy - I'm not saying it's hard, but it sure ain't easy by any stretch of the imagination!

I have discovered that I have the ability to learn, and implement new material quickly. Thus far TIY has taught me how to use Google, and a few other resources like a pro to find whatever I need to help me get the job done. My confidence level is increasing every day. I feel like no matter what I am tasked with accomplishing I will get it done. (Also I don't really have a choice do I? It's not like I'm going to show up the next day in class and say "Sorry, HW was to hard I decided not to do it, lol") It may be feel rough at times, but in the end I get everything figured out...

Then time to start refactoring...

Which is just a fancy way to say that I rewrite my code, and look for more efficient and elegant ways to accomplish my task.

I hated writing/blogging

With a passion! Seriously, I have tried to blog a few other times over the past decade and I hated it every time. This is the first time I have enjoyed it. When sit down and actually start typing I get a surge of energy. This is astounding to me. I was dog tired when I sat down to start writing this very post, and had decided that it wouldn't be more than a paragraph or two...

Yet here we are five or six paragraphs in, lol

I have no clue how to blog correctly, nor is my grammar and spelling correct. None the less despite those down sides I find myself looking forward to writing these posts. Thanks for reading them also :) I am having a blast!

Random Thought:

I really miss working. It feels so weird not to go to work - and was twice as weird not to get a paycheck on this past Friday. I guess we really are creatures of habit. Ahh well, on to better things!

Until next time...

Jay Wilson Jr.

Did you know: Jay is a Emergency Medical Technician & Front-End Developer. He enjoys spending time with his daughter and learning new stuff. He likes to make people laugh and is a all around cool guy.

Bedford, Va.