Prototypes and Constructors... OMG!!!


During this past week at The Iron Yard our instructor Jake introduced us to JavaScript Prototypes and Constructors. I felt like my mind broke several times while learning about these two things. Thankfully my mind rebuilt itself everytime it broke, lol

This was a topic that I found to be quite challenging to wrap my head around. I am doing much better now, than I was 4 days ago with them. Not like I have a choice, all of the projects we are doing requires me to use them. So if I want to keep up, I'd better figure out how to use them 'eh? That is the beauty of TIY I guess. If I were at home trying to figure this stuff out, it'd just get pushed aside. I'd be bogged down with all the other stff in my life. However, here learning is all we do. When I am frustrated beyound belief and want to stop, I look over and see my roommate studying hard and it helps me stay the course. I have had a simular effect on him as well, there is something magical happening here. Seriously!

Jake says that Prototypes and Constructors are the most complicated things we'll have to learn in JavaScript. That sorta makes me feel better, but it doesn't make this any easier to master, lol

I can see the power of Prototypes and Constructors, and I will be glad when they are second nature to me. When I look at Jake, Mason, and other Iron Yard Alumni I hope to be as smart as they are one day soon. They just roll though this stuff like it's easy peasy. It is encouraging to see what we can become if we keep rolling along. I am in awe when I talk to alumni who say they had no experience prior to attending TIY, yet they are doing amazing things with code. It is great to see what we're all working so hard to become, and to see what we'll be able to do.

Anyways, I am super busy today. I have less than 48 hours to get my work done, and I am behind schedule right now. So I gotta get back to it.

Until Next Time...

Jay Wilson Jr.

Did you know: Jay is a Emergency Medical Technician & Front-End Developer. He enjoys spending time with his daughter and learning new stuff. He likes to make people laugh and is a all around cool guy.

Bedford, Va.