Group Projects Have Started!


I am so excited!

Today we discovered that we were breaking into groups, and would be doing the first (of several) group projects. Up until this point we have been doing everything alone. Working as a group has presented a new batch of challenges to work though, but I am having a great time...

I thought I had mastered Git - and to the extent that I used it as the sole person pushing commits I had. Today my world expanded quite a bit, I have become quite familuar with Git merge conflicts, lol pushing/pulling, upstream master and a whole slew of other words have become a new part of my vocabulary.

"It is so awesome to be able to colabarate with other developers."

Here's Jake teaching us the deepest secrets of Git and branches:
jake teaching

Team Diversity

My group's name is: Team Diversity (Why do you think that is? I'll reveal all in my next post ;) I love my team! We are rockstars!! I'm having so much fun (which is fantastic, as I am seriously feeling some pressure right now. The difficulty level has been cranked up a few notches) ::I'm doing my happy dance right now::

Our project is to create a website for a mock business. We were given a brief (from the mock biz owner) written in plain english, that described what the site should do. We were also given a wirefram with a basic layout. From that brief we have to determine what features the site needs, and figure out how to accomplish them. (and of course the assign tasks to each person on the team) We'll be working with new API's (Twitter, Flickr & Google Maps APIs) for this project. It was very cool to sit down and read through the docs on there API's to see how to pull the data we need. It was a great feeling to see the data I requested show up on the page. Made me want to jump up and run around the room screaming VICTORY! (it's the small things that add happiness to my life ;)

"Made me want to jump up and run around the room screaming VICTORY!"

We are doing everything for this project. We were given no assets other than the brief. We'll be doing everything from scratch, using everything that we've learned to date to pul this off. No CMS, or helpers of any kind. We're creating a logo, etc. we're doing the sites design/branding, and of course writing all the code to bring it together.

Random Side Note: I found this cool hangout spot today called Underground Coffee. It is a very swanky chill coffee shop, the vibe is nice, chairs are comfy, and the music is right. I spent a few hours there this evening doing my home work, and sipping a latte (You can see my latte in the cover photo of this very blog post) I will be comming back here again. Here's a random shot I snapped of the place:

Underground Coffe

Anyways I felt so much better today after getting a full night's rest on last night. Man, I love writting this blog. I wish I could sit here and type away from another 30 minutes or so, but I need to get back to my project. The clock is ticking.

Until Next Time...

Jay Wilson Jr.

Did you know: Jay is a Emergency Medical Technician & Front-End Developer. He enjoys spending time with his daughter and learning new stuff. He likes to make people laugh and is a all around cool guy.

Bedford, Va.