Team Diversity


Team Diversity is the name of the team that I am on at TIY where we are doing our first group project! We have been kicking ass, (usually I feel like it's my ass that getting the kicks) things have been running very smooth. We have meet the requirements of the project and have a day and a half left before the project is due. We are taking this time to work on some of the bonus stuff (Twitter API intergration, other design/styling effects etc.)

I LOVE working with APIs (most of the time ;) It was one of the things that I have all ways wanted to be able to do. I just had no clue how to do it, when reading through API docs they assume a certain level of background knowledge that I didn't have prior to TIY. It is awesome to think up ideas, and realize that there is a API that you can tap into to help bring your idea to life.

"I LOVE working with APIs (most of the time ;)"

What's up with your team's name?

I'm glad you asked, I promised in my last post that I would revel the meaning behind our name. Here, have a look at the team:

team diversity

From left to right above: Ollie, Me, & Jess

Our team is made up of a Brit, a Black guy, and a Woman. When someone in our class commented on the diversity of our team, we instantly knew what our team name would be. Working with this team has given me some great memories that I will never forget.

Up until this point we have been working solo 100% on every project. It was so weird and frustrating to be working with code written by someone else at times. I found myself spotting code written in a way that made no sense (but worked) to me. (Why did you nest 10 divs when you could have simply done X?) I have also found myself having ahh-ha momments. These would come when I would read some code that was written in a way that was more elegant than the solution I might have come up with.

All in all though this has been my favorite project to date. I have learned the importance of fully commenting your code. It makes it easier for every developer comming behind you to get up to speed with what the code is doing. I also learned the importance of making sure your CSS rules are specfic to the elements that need said rule...

I ran into a issue where something I added to a page wasn't showing up correctly. I felt that I did everything right as it worked fine in my branch, but when I merged it went bonkers. The long and short of it is that a team mate had written some global CSS rules (at the time they wrote the code, there was only one element that it was effecting so they thought it was cool.), that was messing up what I added. Had I not experienced this issue I most likely would not be thinking about what another developer may add to the code base down the road, and how my code might effect his/her additions.

I am learning so much here. I feel like I am trying to drink from a firehose. It's quite awesome btw (drinking from a firehose shooting out red Cool-Aid) !!!

Until Next Time...

Jay Wilson Jr.

Did you know: Jay is a Emergency Medical Technician & Front-End Developer. He enjoys spending time with his daughter and learning new stuff. He likes to make people laugh and is a all around cool guy.

Bedford, Va.