Wow Time Flies...


I have been mentally taxed, and pressed for time. I have thought about writing a blog post everyday, and didn't because I hadn't forced myself to set aside some time to do it. Prior to coming to The Iron Yard, I followed a number of student blogs. I used to get so disapointed when someone stopped updating their blog regularly...

Now I understand firsthand why that happens.

I have found that as I am nearing graduation the work load has increased, as does the pressure that I am under. It feels as if I have more to do (Really, it's not a feeling. It's the truth) and less time to do it in. Less than 2 weeks until graduation and I have to get my portfolio up, tighten up a few things pertaining to previous projects, keep coding on my final project, work on my resume, look for jobs. All this while the sand continues to fall through the hour glass...

Of course I still have to deal with the stuff in my personal life on top of everything else I am trying to handle. Bills, relationships, trying to map out a plan and a realistic timeline to help me bring my goals to life. At times I have felt overwelmed, but in a good way. Not in the "I can't handle this and I hate my life way".

Random Side Note: I miss my daughter something terrible and not seeing her weighs heavily on my heart. I can't wait to see my baby girl!

"Less than 2 weeks until graduation."

Prior to attending TIY, I was thinking that after the program ended that I would be good to go. I now know that this is only the start of my education. I have learned so much here in 12 short weeks, but the learning shall continue. The Iron Yard for me was my entry point into a never ending rabit hole. I am falling further down the rabbit hole and I love the rush! There are so many things that I want to build. There are so many interesting frameworks and technologies to discover. I am really interested in learning both the Meteor and Famous JS frameworks. I'm attending a Meteor meetup on Thursday with a few of my classmates.

I have a lot to catch you up on. I attended my first startup weekend event recently. I found myself leading a team, that was made up of 2 developers a non-technical and myself. Over the weekend the devs hacked away on my idea, and we won both crowd favorite and took first place. We won startup weekend!!

"We won startup weekend!!"

I'll have to make another blog post where I explain all that took place during startup weekend. I was stressed out of my mind, and feeling the pressure the entire weekend. My team faced a uphill battle and set back after setback and to my surprise and delight we won! Man I am still so excited about that weekend.

Until Next Time....

Jay Wilson Jr.

Did you know: Jay is a Emergency Medical Technician & Front-End Developer. He enjoys spending time with his daughter and learning new stuff. He likes to make people laugh and is a all around cool guy.

Bedford, Va.