7 Weeks into TIY... Here's my thoughts...


Today on Twitter a guy asked me: "hey i seen that you took classes at Iron Yard (through the hashtag). Wondering how you feel about the course n the instructors".
That question made me pause, and think. Mainly because I needed a way to sum up my thoughts on The Iron Yard in 140 characters or less. Otherwise I would have written him a response several hundred words in length.

After thinking for a few seconds here's my thought on TIY (in less than 140 characters to boot!):

The Iron Yard is better than advertised. Way Better.

BOOM there it is...

I have come to learn that the people behind TIY under-promise and over-deliver. Truly this place is better than they pitch it to be. (not that they ever truly 'pitched' anything, I was sold on TIY after doing my own research) I had very high expectations comming into TIY (clearly, why else would I quit my job and leave everyone and everything I know and love) Needless to say my expectations have been exceeded. The instructors are fantastic and are truly experts in their fields. My classmates are driven and motivated, their energy is amazing. Being in this place is fantastic, and I am so thankful for every moment that I have had here.

Prior to coming to TIY I asked students and alumni simular questions. I reached out to them directly via Twitter, email, phone to get their thoughts. Everyone keep singing the praises of TIY. I was sorta skeptical because everyone had nothing but good things to say. I started asking people to tell me what they didn't like about TIY, or tell me what they think they could do better. Nothing is perfect, ya know what I mean? Still I couldn't find anyone who had anything bad to say.

Now that I am here, I understand why that was. I am not saying that TIY is perfect and everything is magical (though it feels that way some of the time, lol). I can only tell you that everyone here from the teaching assists on up to the partners put in 100%. They are focused on changing people's lifes for the better. They are doing it one student at a time on campuses through out the country. That's all for this post, I have a ton of stuff on my plate that I have to get back to.

Until Next Time...

Jay Wilson Jr.

Did you know: Jay is a Emergency Medical Technician & Front-End Developer. He enjoys spending time with his daughter and learning new stuff. He likes to make people laugh and is a all around cool guy.

Bedford, Va.