What Do My Classmates Think about TIY?


I have been blogging since the third week of class or so, I was the first person in my class to start blogging. I started thinking heavily about blogging during the first week, but never made the time. I was all ways to busy with homework, and assignments.

It's crazy to be 7 weeks into The Iron Yard!

As I look back I laugh about the times that I felt stressed by the workload. In the beginning it felt so rough, and the workload was so crazy to me...

However I'd gladly take thoese days back over the current workload, lol :)

The problems we are learning how to solve now are much harder than thoese we were solving in the beginning. I don't even feel the strain like I used to, it just feels normal. It's normal not to know how something works, or how to do something - you just jump in and figure it out. This was the weirdest part of TIY to date for me. Our instructor would talk to us like we knew how to do the assignment. Like he expected us to complete the thing using tools that we'd never worked with before...

How crazy is that?

The weirdest thing of all is that I found myself rising to meet the expectation. My classmates were doing the exact same thing. Sometimes we did it kicking screaming and cussing the whole way. However at the end of the we rose to meet the challenge. Rather than writing about what I think my classmates think, you can read their thoughts for yourself.

Here's links to a few of my fellow classmates blogs:

Here's links from a few students in the designers class:

There's a few to get you started if you want to see things from a diffrent perspective. I'll try to keep this list updated, so if you know of a blog that's not listed message me and I'll add it.

Until Next Time...

Jay Wilson Jr.

Did you know: Jay is a Emergency Medical Technician & Front-End Developer. He enjoys spending time with his daughter and learning new stuff. He likes to make people laugh and is a all around cool guy.

Bedford, Va.